How to Disarm Violent Audio Explosions on Beefy Surround Systems

So, you dropped all of this money on a home theater system only to have it burst your eardrums, break your dishes and create a shockwave that can be felt 100 miles away whenever Bruce Willis blows up a helicopter with a police car. For some, this can be a good thing. After all, if you have a system with a dynamic range of sound you might as well get what you paid for. However, if you live in an apartment or quiet neighborhood you may want to check out a handy how-to guide on diffusing "big audio dynamite" (wasn't that a band?) put together by the guys at Sound & Vision.

The guide covers everything from making channel adjustments to positioning your equipment to reduce the effect of big bursts of sound. For the home entertainment aficionado, this advice may be old hat—but may prove extremely helpful for the novices out there. For more info, hit the following link. [Sound & Vision]


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