How to Easily Hack a Smartphone With an Inkjet Printer and Conductive Ink

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Think all your secrets are safely tucked away on your smartphone just because only your fingerprint can unlock it? Watch researchers from Michigan State University compromise a biometric fingerprint sensor with nothing more than a scanner, an off-the-shelf inkjet printer, and readily available conductive ink.

The hack is, of course, dependent on someone digitizing a good portion of your fingerprint. But if you think that can only happen in the movies, you should take a good look at your computer keyboard, laptop screen, or even your smartphone. Fingerprints are everywhere.

As the FBI has recently learned, nothing is better at protecting the contents of your smartphone than a nice long passcode. And after watching this video, you might not want to put so much faith in your smartphone’s fingerprint sensor.

[YouTube via Boingboing]

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