How to Explode a Watermelon Using Rubber Bands. In Super Slow Motion.

Witness the awesome power of a fully armed and operational package of rubber bands. This video shows exactly what it looks like when a watermelon detonates under the force of hundreds of rubber bands, in awesome HD, courtesy of The Slow Mo Guys.


It's 100% guaranteed to inspire envy over their ridiculously awesome Phantom Flex camera, a piece of video equipment capable of shooting scenes at an mind-boggling 2,800 frames per second, all at 1080p resolution.

On while we're on the subject of Flex cams: why oh why can't EVERYTHING be filmed with one?

[Spotted on Laughing Squid]


Dr Emilio Lizardo

Do they not sell safety glasses in the UK? I mean, that was seriously cool but it's only fun until somebody loses an eye.