How to Hack Your e-Reader to Run on Solar Power and More from TreeHugger

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This week on TreeHugger, build your own solar generator on wheels, spider robots to the rescue, a new open hardware journal launches, inflatable solar LED light design, and more!


1. Eraser Turns Chalk Dust Into New Chalk Sticks
How do we solve that old, old problem of chalk dust in classrooms? Two designers think they have the solution.

2. Toilet Made from Computer Parts Gives New Meaning to Flushing Your Cache
The Royal Data Throne by Steven Rodrig would be quite the addition to your home.

3. Open Hardware Journal for Open Source Projects Launches First Issue
The journal is intended to be a resource for people to share physical or electronic projects as open source.

4. Inflatable Solar-Power Light Packs a Bright Punch
Quite different from any design we've seen before, the light is actually an inflatable, waterproof bag that contains an LED bulb, and a solar cell on the outside.

5. Voltaic Launches New Solar Powered Backpacks
The company's most recent launch includes new solar chargers that can power up your laptop while latched on to a durable backpack.

6. Robot Spider Will Find You After A Disaster
You've got to love biomimicry, especially when the critters that robots are modeled after are those that can really creep you out, like spiders. But this spider is not one you'll want to run away from — in fact, it may just save your life.


7. Tank-like Robot Climbs Walls With Gecko-Inspired Feet
Simon Fraiser University researchers have taken a page from the gecko "walk on any surface" handbook and applied it to a robot that looks a bit like a tank.

8. How to Build a Solar Generator on Wheels (Video)
Consisting of two 80 watt solar panels, a marine deep cycle battery, and an inverter, the system is enough to power a small microwave, TV, laptop, or even some power tools.


9. Modern and Unusual Lamps Made From Plastic Bottles
Eco artist Sarah Turner creates unique lamps from locally collected waste, including plastic bottles. She transforms trash into some rather amazing designs for interior decoration.

10. How Shopping With Your Cell Phone Will Help You Buy Green
There are two significant ways that this rise in using smart phones for shopping can pay off for those hoping to minimize their carbon footprint during the holiday season (and any time of the year).


11. Hack Your e-Reader To Run on Solar Power
Check out this great project from Instructables maker flapke — it walks you through how to install solar panels into your e-reader, so that your device can run directly off sun power.


The circuit board toilet is beautiful, but, it looks like a bitch to clean. (Imagine the virus you could get from that!)