How to Hook Up With Your Outlook, LinkedIn or Mac Contacts on Google+

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Finding friends on Google+ is easy if all your contacts are on Gmail. But what about if they're stored on your Mac, or in Outlook? Or, for some crazy-in-the-coconut reason, you want to rub shoulders with your LinkedIn contacts?


A member of the technical staff at Google, Paul Linder, spells it out:

Have an Address Book? Want to invite some friends? We have the solution for you. You can now upload contacts on the Find and Invite page by clicking on the Upload address book button :

You'll need an address book file on your computer. Get one by performing any of the following actions:

Outlook -
Select File > Import/Export > Export from the main menu
Choose Comma Separated Values (Windows) > Select "Contacts" > Save exported file

Outlook Express -
Select File > Export > Address Book from the main menu.
Select Text File (Comma Separated Values).
Click Export.

Your Other Gmail account -

Apple Address Book -
Open the Address Book application on your Mac. Click on the ‘all group' of your contacts. Select File > Export Vcards.

Thunderbird -
Click Addressbook, Select Personal Address Book. Click Tools, then Export. Save as *.csv.

Others -
Most other contact managers or email systems support contact export in VCard/VCF/CSV format. Consult your local help system to find out how. Leave a comment if you want to share you exporting experience.

– If you have problems please feel free to click on the ‘Send Feedback' link in the lower right.

Happy Inviting!

Also, almost forgot… for folks that use LinkedIn:

So, err, enjoy adding those LinkedIn contacts to circles titled "evil ex-bosses"! [Paul Linder via TechCrunch]

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Isn't this Google+ elitist crap.

By the time it gets to general release and we all can use it, it'll be dead.

It is annoying that they only let a small section of people use it in Beta mode first.

As we have to sit here reading all these stories, when we just want to get on and play.

Would be nice to actually read the articles and then play with it in real time rather than wait for weeks or months.

By that time the hype will be over and we'll realise it will be a pain to re enter all the info that's already in Facebook.

My personal opinion is the staggered release is shooting themselves in the foot.

I was interested about Wave, but by the time I could actually sign up and use it the press had already judged it as dead, so no point.

This will most likely go the same way.