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Oh hey, a well-executed Inception meme! This is like finding an old $20 bill in your pocket. Hello, old friend! A TV, iPad, and iPhone, all stacked up—just like dreams. How do you make that noise again? BRUNNHHHHHHHHH.

Remember way back, when the internet laughed and laughed and scratched its itchy head over how to make sense of Inception? This is pretty well done, but an extra fourth layer of tiny screenage would have been a sweet cherry on top. How about an old video-playing iPod nano? What were you guys, lazy? If only I could implant that idea in the mind of whoever snapped this pic... BRUNNNNNNH. [via Reddit]

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Farewell, My LeBroncubine

I know I'm late to the analyzing Inception game, but.......

1) Why does Cobb not age (or not age much) while he's looking around for Sato? The math is fuzzy, but they are down in Limbo for decades before the sedative wears off back in reality (aka, hanging out in the 747).

2) After everyone kicks back up (except for Sato and Cobb) to the first dream level and they all wash-up on the side of the river, why has the militarized sub-conscious stopped hunting them? After all, they were supposed to be on that level for a couple of days before the sedatives in reality wore off but had to accelerate their operation due to the heavily armed dream level. The ending of the scenes on the plane show that they stayed under for most of the flight, as per the original plan.