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How to Make 3D Glasses at Home Using a CD Case

Illustration for article titled How to Make 3D Glasses at Home Using a CD Case

Those classic red and blue 3D glasses are still useful! But where the heck can you find a pair in a pinch? Don't worry, with an old CD case and a couple o' sharpies, it's ridiculously easy to make your own.


It's dead simple: you need a clear CD case (or any sheet of clear plastic, really) and red and blue permanent markers. All you need to do is fill in a square of red and a square of blue on the CD case, and you're off and living in the 3rd dimension. Watch how it's done:

If you want to step up the style factor, you can buy a pair of clear goggles and mark em up too. []

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I don't know why Gizmodo has had the hard on for the piss-poor red/blue 3D from back in the day, but they need to get over it soon. I don't mind the incessant Apple coverage, but this has to stop.

I've lived through crap 3D. I've bought Cat Women of the Moon with the crappy 3D glasses and been disappointed. I've been equally disappointed with the green/purple version on my Coraline Blu-Ray made over 20 years later.

I'm sorry, this method of 3D is rubbish. It always been rubbish, it always will. It's the reason 3D never caught on, struggling for decades until they figured out how to do it right with polarized lenses and shutter glasses.

Give it up guys, you're not bringing it back. I know it is the hipster thing to love, but color based 3D deserves to die in a fire.