How to Piss off Balmer and Steal Vista

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Steve Ballmer is trying to find something to blame Vista's slow sales on besides Microsoft. His scapegoat for Vista looks to be pirates. Not the scourge of the seven seas, but the scourge of software developers.


Billions and billions of dollars and they didn't take into account Vista being pirated for their sales forecast? I know they said that it was supposed to be more secure with that Windows Genuine Advantage crap, but I didn't think that they actually believed it.

But if you want to become one of the Pirates that Ballmer is so mad about. There's a crack out there that stops the trial countdown clock from expiring. That way you get to "try out" Vista for as long as you want.


Ballmer says pirates to blame for poor Vista sales [Mac Daily News]

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Broken Machine

I doubt people are reading down past 64+ posts, but here goes:

You want Vista but don't want to spend the price? Use an Upgrade Vista disc.

You can use the Upgrade disc as a full installer by installing Vista without a license key, giving you that free trial for 30 days. Then Install Vista with a key over top of that and you have your full working version. Yes it's a time waster, but yes, it's also a money saver.

To get further discounts, and I hate to mention this because I don't want this procedure to go the way of the dodo, but The Student and Teacher versions of Vista are EVERY bit the same as the full retail counterparts. I even invoked the Tech Support for Media Extender issues and they didn't know it was a Student and Teacher copy. You just need to know a Teacher, or a Student, or a Parent of a Student. There are multiple places on the web that cater to these sales.

Out of frustration with WGA, I bought two copies of Vista Home Premium for $75 a piece. This is the first time I have a legal OS since Workbench for my Amiga 500. I'm just too lazy to pirate this stuff anymore. Any yes, I would have purchased full versions of Home premium for as much as $150 a piece. The asking price is ridiculous.

OH, and for those of you not upgrading because of drivers not working, et al: I have my Laserjet 4L hooked up via a Netgear 10BT PS101 Print Server - That installed just fine and dandy. My Scanjet 4P hooked up via an Adaptec 2930B, also fine and dandy. This stuff is 12+ years old, and I wouldn't have blamed MS one bit if it didn't work. I'm thrilled it does however.