How To Tether Your iPhone With NetShare

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We've been covering NetShare a lot the last couple of days, and with good reason: Apple consciously left the ability to tether out of the iPhone, yet for some reason has no problem letting someone else sell an app that does just that. Some users, though, might find the concept of tethering confusing, or at least intimidating. It's actually quite straightforward, and the staff at Apple Insider has put together a really handy and detailed step-by-step guide that shows how in just a few minutes you can configure your MacBook (or other Wi-Fi device) to share your iPhone's internet connection so you can have truly mobile access anywhere you get coverage. [Apple Insider]



Shout out to Daniel Smith!

First download Safari for Windows from Then follow these instructions:

You have to create an AdHoc network in Vista by

1. clicking the network icon in the taskbar and choose connect or disconnect.

2. click "setup a connection or network" and choose "setup a wireless ad-hoc network" name the network and add security if you want click the save network box and hit next then click close after network is created. Vista should automatically connected to this new network.

3.Open "Network and Sharing Center" and choose manage wireless networks and then click adapter properties.

4. Click Internet Protocol Version 4 and choose properties then choose "use the following IP address" and enter in and make sure your subnet is, that's it leave everything else empty. Save your changes.

5. Open the Control Panel and choose internet options, chose the connections tab and select LAN. Then hit the advanced button under proxies. In the SOCKS field type in (which will be the IP of your iPhone)and for port # choose 1080 and save your changes.

Your PC is now setup, next setup the iPhone.

6. open setting and choose Wi-fi on the iPhone and it should see your newly created network enter password if you set one. Choose it and hit the blue arrow icon.

7. Choose static and in the IP address field enter and make sure the subnet is You may also want to disable auto-lock on the iPhone cause that will close out the program after a set amount of time.

8. Hit the Home button and open netshare.

9. Then for the bad part, open SAFARI (even on Vista it only works on SAFARI) and you can surf the net.

again of steps 4 and 5 i changed the ip address to and and don't know if you will have to do this.