Wroclaw's Centennial Hall was built so long ago, Wroclaw wasn't even part of Poland. But the super-minimal concrete mega-dome was ahead of its time way back in 1913, and with a little 2012 tech, it turns into a pulsating starship.

Using projection mapping—a fancy term for beaming images onto buildings to create a 3D illusion—the artists behind the Omicron project attempted to "create a vision of a future with no precise time reference. A timeless future." Although seems to invoke the light cycle neons of an 80s mainframe, Omicron blends with the 100-year-old interior to warp together singular. Still, it looks a lot like a haywire computer or time machine. I'd love to lie on my back and just stare up there for awhile. [Omicron via Creators Project]


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