How to Turn Nerf's Newest Blaster Into a Foam Bullet Fire Hose

It was only announced last week, and it’s not supposed to be available until later in the year, but somehow YouTube’s LordDraconical managed to get his hands on Nerf’s new Rival Nemesis MXVII-1oK. He promptly gutted it and then upgraded it to turn it into a wacky foam bullet-shooting monster.

To upgrade the new Nemesis so that it could fire 100 shots in as little as 15 seconds, he upgraded the blaster’s power source to a high-output lithium polymer battery. This meant replacing all of the switches and wiring so the thing could handle the extra electrical load.

Basic soldering and electronics know-how is a must in order to tackle this upgrade. But if you want to it yourself, LordDraconical walks you through most of the steps in his video tutorial, and includes links in the description to the various upgraded components you’ll need to complete this mod.



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what is the deal with gizmodo and nerf guns? seems like every other day theres a post about some nerf blaster?