How To Turn Off Gizmodo's iPhone 4 Coverage

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Did you hear? It's iPhone 4 release day! Which is going to mean a lot of iPhone 4 posts here on Giz. Here's how you can clear your screen of all of them:

You can start by just clicking here. And that link works for anything, really. Just replace "iPhone 4" with whatever it is you don't care to read about (e.g. "not:nsfw" or "not:vuvuzela") Simple! [Apple-Free Giz]

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If anyone has a tip of how to go to McDonalds and not see all of their photos and menu listing for those demon spuds. Argh - it is crazy! What are they doing showing those things?! And the smell, too! I mean, really?? I CAN'T STAND THEM! Why the hell does a fast food restaurant have to sell those things?

It almost makes me wonder why I even bothering going into McDonalds.