How To Unlock All The Stages In Angry Birds

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In the Android version of Angry Birds, you can unlock the different worlds of the game without having to beat each level. And since some of those pigs are impossible to smash, you'll probably end up doing this.


Here's how to do it:

1. Go to a World Select Screen
2. Center a locked world on your screen
3. Hit the back button on your Android phone until you exit Angry Birds
4. Load Angry Birds back up
5. When you see the 'Play' button, tap the button repeatedly
6. You're now inside a locked world


You still need to beat each level to advance in the world but with this method you can start new worlds without finishing the old ones. Howeva be warned! You might not feel the same accomplishment the rest of us honest, hard working folks feel. [Reddit via Android Community]

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Really? Getting 3 stars on levels can be hard. Beating levels, with a couple of notable exceptions, is not.

Granted, as soon as I say that I remember the damn tank level I spent about 60 tries trying to beat.