How to Watch Apple's Big iPhone X Announcement Today

Image: National Archives and Records Administration/Wikimedia Commons, AP
Image: National Archives and Records Administration/Wikimedia Commons, AP

After months of leaks, rumors, and innuendo, the day has finally arrived. We’re finally going to get to see the inside of that new Apple theater that may, or may not, be a solar oven, boiling journalists in the sun. Also we’re going to get a bunch of iPhones, and possibly a new Apple Watch, and maybe even a new 4K Apple TV, and honestly guys, the news potential is endless.


Naturally the best place to get the news will be right here at Gizmodo. We’ll be blogging it live from the comfort of our office. I promised to bring snacks. Everyone is very excited.

If the liveblog isn’t enough, and you need to see Tim Cook’s shining face and listen to that Alabama drawl then you can watch it on Apple’s website. You can’t watch it on Chrome. So you’ll need a Mac running macOS 10.11 with Safari or a Windows 10 device running Microsoft Edge. Otherwise you can watch via any iOS device running 9.0 or later.

The announcement starts at 10am PDT and 1pm EDT.

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