How To: Woz's Segway Polo Tutorial

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Segways and Polo. Those two cups of tea are not really my bag, or whatever. But Woz's videos on how to play Segway Polo are an interesting look at the rule book. You can't ram or shove others, or run your Segway into the goal like those cheating bastards in Super Mario Strikers. (You know who you are.)


There's also an equipment checklist, and a requirement that all players, regardless of previous orientation, play right handed. "Like Jousters." Woz also admits that the refs look the other way when players cut each other off, just to keep the game moving, despite it being illegal in the OSPH (Official Segway Polo Handbook). Seeing this, I have to say I'd consider playing. Really. [Neulio via Cult of Mac]

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@ANoel: That is exactly why i think it is so hard to come up with a real definition of what a sport is, and not merely a competition.

I love snowboarding, and enjoy it as often as I can, but I still don't know that I would call it a sport. Maybe my personal definition is out of whack, but I think a sport should probably be head to head competition, and not turn based.

So that would rule out figure skating, skate boarding, snowboarding, etc. But murderball, lacrosse, and tennis would be considered sports. The more I think about it, the harder it is to define. I like snowboarding and skiing a hell of a lot more than I like tennis, but I guess it doesn't mean something is any more or less important if it has the title of "sport" or "competition."

I can't define it, but I can tell you when i see it.