How Vaccuum Tubes Are Made and Used, Explained in 1942

Just imagine, if everything that used transistors today was actually powered by beautiful vacuum tubes of old. Control yourselves, steampunkers, this 1942 RCA doc "Electrons on Parade" may blow your vintage thought fuses.


And, also, forget Twitter—I need the narrator of these videos to just follow me around and annotate the minutiae of my life in that glorious 1940s radio voice. Now that would be entertainment.

[via Make]

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Those were the days. The days when a TV was a huge plastic wood-grained box with a tiny skyline of vacuum tubes sending that picture show through the Cathode ray into a porthole screen the size of the palm of your hand. People in sepia tone would sit around and watch in amazement while this hunkering dinosaur sputtered and blinked like a robotic cyclops.

*In 1950's voice*

AAnnd here we - have John Ma-honey, working tirelessly to bring you blogspeak n' good cheer over the intertubes. Godspeed Johnny, we await your - next entry.