How Would You Improve My Bare Essentials First Aid Kit?

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This is my fast-and-light, no-backpack first aid kit for minimalist adventures. It needs to deal with emergencies long enough to get me, a friend or Wiley a few hours back to the car and to a hospital. How would you improve it?


This is the second in an irregular series — Ask IndefinitelyWild. In the first, we asked you for suggestions on adding cold weather comfort with minimal weight and space and gave away a Biolite Nanogrid.

You guys are out doing stuff as much as we are, so I figure there’s a massive base of knowledge here we should be taking advantage of and sharing. Plus, I’m incredibly proud of the quality of our community, so I figure it’s time we give back a little bit. We’ll be giving away an item of outdoor gear from our closet with each of these. For this first installment, I’ll pick whatever I feel is the most useful or insightful comment and ship that reader that Leatherman Tread man bracelet/multitool thingie.

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So the idea with this little first aid kit is to create something that can come along when I’m not carrying a backpack. It needs to fit in the breast pocket of a shirt or jacket, the cargo pocket on a pair of pants or a similar tiny space that can’t accommodate much weight. But, it also needs to be able to deal with real injuries. I hunt and ride mountain bikes and climb mountains and do all manner of stupid shit, often with little regard for my own well being.

In there, I have a tube of super glue (should be Krazy Glue, which works better, but this is what I had lying around. As you can see, it’s now used) to seal cuts; a self-adhesive Ace Bandage type thing to immobilize a sprain or break (can be supplemented with sticks to work as a splint); a safety pin to turn an item of clothing into a sling; Pepto Bismol because sometimes you get the poops and don’t want them to stop you; generic Neosporin for preventing infection; tincture of Iodine 2% for sterilizing drinking water; and three Bloodstop iX hemostat bandages for dealing with major wounds and stopping blood loss.

This is by no means meant to be a comprehensive first aid kit, allowing me to deal with all injuries myself, it’s just the bare necessities for when I’m headed out a few hours from the car, without the space to carry my big one.


Obvious upgrades to me would be four Benadryl tabs, which is one dose for Wiley should he be bit by a snake. I’ll probably also lose the triple antibiotic, as it doesn’t solve a pressing need. And, I may swap the Iodine for a few chlorine dioxide tabs in a dime bag to save space.

What would you change? I’d like the entire thing to fit in this tiny 4”x6” Hyperlite Mountain Gear cuben stuff sack. And keep in mind that it’s augmented by my keychain toolkit and a good knife; things I always carry.


Standard Gawker contest rules apply. Anyone can comment, but I’m only shipping within the US. A winner will be chosen on Monday and announced here.

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