HP and Chubby Checker Finish Fight Over "Chubby Checker" Penis-Size App

Illustration for article titled HP and Chubby Checker Finish Fight Over Chubby Checker Penis-Size App

Chubby Checker, the "Twist"-singing denim enthusiast, has made legal peace with Hewlitt-Packard and Palm following a trademark infringement lawsuit over Chubby Checker, a penis measurement webOS app.

HP users intent on assessing the angle of their dangle and the girth of their groin are no longer able to size up their schwanz using the Chubby Checker app, because HP agreed to refrain from using the Chubby Checker trademark.

The app was taken out of HP's store in 2012 after the suit was filed, and now we know for sure: the "Limbo" singer sent the app from legal limbo to permanent death.


Checker (real name: Ernest Evans) had asked for $500,000 in the original suit, but the final terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Would-be checkers of chub desperate to gauge the length of their longfellow will have to resort to apps not named after 60s novelty rockers. The far more generically named Penis Size Calculator is still up and running, fellas. [Hollywood Reporter via The Verge]

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Okay, I'm a little puzzled. Why is such an app necessary? Has everyone forgotten how to use a ruler and/or tape measure? What do these apps do that simple measurements do not? Or are these things purely humorous, and actually measure something else (or nothing at all), like hands or feet, and give some ridiculous, imaginary "estimate" of one's penis size that bears no relationship to reality?