HP Expands Its Gaming Empire by Bringing HyperX Into the Fold

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Photo: Sam Rutherford

HP is already one of the biggest computer makers in the world, complete with its own line of Omen gaming systems. But today HP’s gaming empire is about to get bigger with the acquisition of HyperX.

In a deal valued at $425 million, HP announced it has reached a definitive agreement to purchase Kingston’s gaming division HyperX, which encompasses a range of both PC and console gaming products, including keyboards, mice, headsets, microphones, gamepads, and more. But notably, Kingston’s line of HyperX PC components such as RAM, SSDs, and more will stay with Kingston, as the focus of HP’s deal is on HyperX’s gaming peripherals.

In a press release detailing the acquisition, HP President and CEO Enrique Lores said:We see significant opportunities in the large and growing peripherals market, and the addition of HyperX to our portfolio will drive new sources of innovation and growth for our business.”


However, the bigger picture is that with the global video game market expected to exceed $200 billion in the coming years, a lot of major players have started gobbling up smaller companies to help expand their holdings, which is exactly what happened in 2019 when Corsair acquired Scuf, Elgato, and Origin PC.


In fact, you can trace the origins of HP’s gaming PCs all the way back to 2006, when HP acquired boutique desktop maker Voodoo PC, which was later relaunched under the Omen brand name in 2013 with a logo evoking the original Voodoo style.

Currently, it’s unclear how HP will manage the HyperX branding going forward. The company could potentially folding some existing products into the larger Omen brand. It’s also unclear if Kingston plans to retain the HyperX branding on its PC components (the first HyperX branded product came on a new line of high-end RAM back in 2002) or if it will switch to something else. Gizmodo has reached out to HP for clarification, and we will update the story if we hear back.


The deal between HP and Kingston is expected to be officially finalized sometime in Q2 2021 following standard regulatory review.