HP Firefly Has Two Screens, Multitouch, Big Huge Butt

Illustration for article titled HP Firefly Has Two Screens, Multitouch, Big Huge Butt

HP is finally joining this weird, new multiple display party with the Voodoo DNA-ed Firefly, which carries a secondary screen, an oddly-placed multitouch trackpad and guts comparable to its powerful desktop counterpart.


LaptopMag has a full hands-on with a prototype unit, which should be on display at CES. They're generally impressed, as for all the bold changes in form factor, this hunkering monstrosity still seems to retain its usability.

The secondary screen got mixed reviews. It's sharp, at 800x480, but a bit too small for displaying such finely resolved text. The Voodoo's multitouch trackpad has evolved, and it's apparently lovely and the placement is a welcome change for occasional mouseless gaming.

The Firefly concept is not currently slated for production, but seeing as Voodoo and HP don't currently have a desktop replacement notebook of this caliber, we'll probably see something similar ship before too long. [LaptopMag via Electronista]


That's a ridiculously large power adapter. I would never buy a laptop that requires lugging such a large accessory around.