HP is smoking a big touch pipe, and its 42-inch finger friendly LCD is the ultimate rip. Unlike the TouchSmart, it is meant for use as digital signage in a store or for presentations. It's still really fun to touch.

The 42-inch 1920 x 1080 resolution monitor uses infrared touch technology (just like the TouchSmart 600). It also supports multitouch, so you should be able to flick to swipe pictures (or snooze worthy PowerPoint slides) and use two fingers to zoom in. You can imagine the uses. HP had a demo going of a truck that you could spin around and then select the paint color. For some reason, spinning things on large touchscreens (like the Coke bottle on the digital vending machine) never gets old. The LD4200tm doesn't have a computer inside it; you have to hook up a PC to it.


I wouldn't need this thing in my living room, because honestly when would I ever get up to touch the screen. But I still think big touchscreens, like Microsoft's Surface, are a good time. But good times always come with high prices. It will start at $2,800 and will be available in December. [HP]

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