HP May Decide The Fate Of WebOS On Tuesday

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HP may meet on Tuesday to discuss the future of webOS, according to a rumor from AppleInsider. The hardware giant could decide to sell the webOS unit or spin it off into a separate entity.


The future of webOS has been in limbo since ex-CEO Leo Apotheker killed the program last month. His decision to abandon a platform that cost HP $1.2 billion sent a shockwave through the tech community and may have played a role in his removal as CEO.

Now that Meg Whitman has taken over as CEO, webOS may have a second chance to live, either under the HP umbrella or in the hands of another company. One interested party may be Amazon who could use webOS on its line of tablet devices instead of Android. Moving away from the Google's mobile OS could be a smart move for the retail giant. Android is facing multiple patent infringement lawsuits which makes webOS a safer and potentially less expensive alternative. [AppleInsider]


Bs Baldwin

Wait, someone really thinks that some patent trolls are going to knock off the fastest growing and largest mobile OS? Also this doom and gloom scenario still isn't going to cost the hundreds of millions to buy WebOS.

HP needs to be in the mobile device market, it is too large of a growth market to ignore. They could have a partnership with either Google or Microsoft to have elements of WebOS integrated into the next releases of Android or WinMo.