HP's New Multi-Touch Graphing Calculator Has Smartphone Aspirations

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These are exciting times for anyone who's refused to replace their trusty standalone graphing calculator with a similarly capable smartphone or tablet app. Your stubbornness is finally paying off as HP is teasing what appears to be one of the most advanced color touchscreen calculators the scientific world has ever seen. That, or a lame smartphone with a form factor dating back a few years.

The HP Prime is reminiscent of the Porsche-designed Blackberry released a few years ago, but it's of course lacking any and all phone or email functionality. What it does boast is a 3.5-inch multi-touch display, an included library of apps that can presumably be expanded via sideloaded content, and a brushed metal design that screams business, not pleasure. Full details like pricing and availability have yet to be revealed, nor the one question that college students across the country must be asking: can it play games? [YouTube via Chip Chick]