HTC Artemis GPS Smartphone Reviewed (Verdict: Scrolls Like Butter)

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If you're not familiar with HTC, it's a company that makes various smartphones both under their own name and for service providers to brand as their own. Their latest, the PDA/phone Artemis, continues their tradition of great phones in a PDA body.


The most notable feature: a built-in GPS with the Sirf-Star III chipset which enables built-in navigation functions. Other great stuff were the clear call quality, A2DP Bluetooth, touchscreen, 2-megapixel camera, and the BlackBerry Pearl-like scroller. The ball can actually control a cursor on the screen as well as scrolling through menus.

The bad? The aging 200MHz processor and the lack of a QWERTY keyboard. Because of this, you probably won't be doing too much messaging or emailing—it's more for organizing and navigation.

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