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HTC Disputes Apple Cellphone Demo with Numbers of Its Own

Illustration for article titled HTC Disputes Apple Cellphone Demo with Numbers of Its Own

In the wake of Apple's peculiar iPhone 4 Strikes Back! press conference, you'd be normal if you expected miffed competitors, especially after Jobs threw the likes of RIM, HTC and Nokia under the "Antennagate" bus. Now HTC is hitting back:

While not an official statement, HTC's Eric Lin, PR chief and online community manager, told Pocket Lint that the handsets singled out by Jobs and Co. during the Friday press conference (mssrs. HTC Legend, HTC Desire, and HTC Nexus One), are actually seeing a complaint rate that's less than the .55% figure allegedly enjoyed by the iPhone 4.


On the Eris especially, Lin told Pocket lint that "we have had very few complaints about signal or antenna problems on the Eris."

Backlash against Apple is nothing new, of course, even though it is only Sunday, a mere two days after it started raining bumpers. Nokia and RIM have both weighed in already, with their stern words arriving here yesterday, sternly.


And so the back and forth between several powerful corporations continues, with consumers somewhere in the DMZ between them, clutching maybe-definitely-not at all working cellphones with an incorrect grip against their quivering chests. If only there were some kind of trustworthy, independent, third party consumer reporting-type organization out there that could help us all out with our buying decisions! [Pocket Lint via Engadget]

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What the fuck? Apple didn't throw anyone under any goddamn busses. There was never a claim that any other manufacturer had any antenna issues. Apple's claim was that the human body can attenuate cellular signals, resulting in a weaker signal.

So HTC and RIM and Nokia are mad that they were accused of utilizing PHYSICS in their handsets?!