HTC Firestone Has Snapdragon and a Capacitive Screen, Prefers to Go by "Leo"

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It's easy to forget nowadays, but Android is only a small part of HTC's product line, and the much larger Windows Mobile portion could be about to get a new flagship device: the 4.3-inch, capacitive-screened, Snapdragon-powered Leo.


A new spec list has been passed down from, and subjected to piecemeal corroboration down the blog line. The current theory: the Leo is actually the Firestone, which we glimpsed back in January and never heard about again. It's far from certain, although if true, very compelling.

See, Windows Mobile simply doesn't support capacitive touchscreens, but rumors have been swirling around the possibility that version 6.5 will accommodate the technology, making some features—onscreen keyboards and smaller interface elements, mostly—easy to control without styli or fingernails. By listing a (very large) capacitive screen, these specs either show themselves to be completely, ignorantly wacky, or confirm a forthcoming software change. Anyway, the alleged specs:

* Quad-band GSM/EDGE connectivity
* Dual-band HSDPA connectivity (900/2100 MHz)
* 4.3 inch WVGA (480 x 800) capacitive touchscreen display
* Wi-Fi
* Accelerometer
* Light & proximity sensors
* 3.5mm headset jack
* 5MP autofocus camera with dual LED flash
* 512MB flash memory, 320MB RAM
* MicroSD card support
* 1230 mAh battery
* 121 x 67 x 11 millimeters

Getting into even shakier territory, some are pointing to a possible Q3 release for this hardware mondo-beast, to coincide with Windows Mobile 6.5. [ via Unwired View via WMPoweruser via BGR]


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What kind of battery life can we expect? 1230 mAh doesn't sound like much to fuel such processing power.