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HTC Hero Among First To Get Android 2.0 Update

Illustration for article titled HTC Hero Among First To Get Android 2.0 Update

According to HTC's Twitter feed, the no-longer-tragically-flawed HTC Hero is getting a sprucing up with an update to Android 2.0. Will the OS actually shine through this time, or is HTC's Sense UI gonna continue running the show? [Twitter]


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This sounds wonderful to me, I really can't wait for Sense UI + Eclair to come to my phone.

Anyway, I am also getting a bit annoyed by the general tone with the Hero. I can't speak for the GSM version, but the Sprint (CDMA) version is very polished as it is. Personally, I think the Sprint version looks a bit better, with the exception to the button area. If you look at the back and top of the phone, you'll probably agree.

Far as I can tell, there is no lag in the UI, it does take a second to switch from portrait to landscape. It can tend to bog down if I am running too many applications in the back, but taskkiller eliminates that problem. Website zoom is very smooth (as opposed to one review video I watched). The ability to continuously type on the virtual keyboard is unmatched by almost anything. I miss the keys A LOT, but 95%, it knows what I want, and it's seamless, you just keep typing.

If you ask anyone who has the Hero, or even a few fans of HTC, they'll tell you this phone is the one to get for 2009, and probably most of 2010. #android20onhtchero