HTC Is Teasing Some Kind of New Camera

HTC's just released a new, deliberately mysterious video that's teasing some kind of waterproof, slo-mo capable camera, to be released on October 8th. Should GoPro be worried?

In the movie, we get a couple of casual real-world events captured by the mystery HTC device: underwater footage of girls swimming! Girls playing slo-mo soccer! Hipsters street-jamming on over-sized instruments! The point seems to be that whatever HTC ois releasing, it'll be waterproof, mountable, and have slo-mo (and selfie!) functionality.


The obvious answer is that HTC's releasing some kind of action camera, but I actually reckon it might be a rugged, waterproof phone (or QX10-style detachable lens) based on the fact that it'll (presumably) be launched at their 'Double Exposure' event in NYC, which is already tipped to include some kind of upgrade to the M8 line. That, and the fact that HTC has exactly zero heritage in the action cam department. [YouTube]

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