HTC Leo Rumors Take a Turn for the Weird

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Last month, posted an alleged spec sheet for a monster-screened, Snapdragon-powered Windows Mobile 6.5 phone called the HTC Leo. Today the site has gone live with these "exclusive" shots, which are, well...strange.

There's no doubt that these renders are hot, but they're presented as photos, which they clearly aren't—not just because of their general aesthetic, but because of this:


That's "lorem ipsum" dummy text, on what's supposed to be either an actual photo or an official render. Also, the "Pro.Three" branding doesn't make sense: HTC's Pro handsets generally have keyboards, and the correct notation, judging by the recently released Touch Pro2, would be Pro3. In other words, these renders, though nice, don't seem to have any connection to HTC, or for that matter, a real product. is confident enough in these shots—and their allegedly reconfirmed specs, which include an unlikely capacitive screen—that they've declared all the previous renders fake—based on what appears to be a fake render. This calls into question all the information they've provided to, meaning we know about as much about the Leo now as we did back in June, which is to say, nothing. []