HTC Leo to Be Officially Known as HTC HD 2?

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The buzz word in the portable space appears to be HD at the moment, with the latest bandwagon member being HTC and its HD 2 (formerly known as the HTC Leo, maybe).

The Leo—sorry, HD 2—if you'll remember, was that big and beautiful handset that was saw earlier this month. The 4.3-inch screen was impressive, but so too was HTC's ability to work around Windows Mobile's lack of support for multitouch capacitive screens, as seen in the video below:

This latest reveal/leak allegedly shows that HTC had second thoughts about a mini-USB connector, as this version, if the real deal, now sports a micro-USB.


Battery life was rated at 1200Mha, and the name change for the phone, HD 2, was discovered while snooping around in the Bluetooth settings. [ via Mobile Tech World via Engadget]

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Point of interest: Micro USB is a requirement of the Microsoft Chassis 1 spec for Windows Mobile 7, as well as this processor (as well as a couple of others) and capacitive screen. Sounds to me like this MAY be the first phone on the market that was designed around Windows Mobile 7. Perhaps Microsoft's delays forced them to aim to release the phone before 7, and/or they're planning for it to be upgraded to 7. Either way, it already seemed to fit the bill, and micro USB just seems to help cement that further.