HTC will be launching the same phone under two names—Bravo in the US, and Passion in Europe, according to new leaks. Only trouble is, it doesn't look much like the Passion we know and love, does it?


Despite the difference in appearance, the Bravo/Passion sounds hot to trot, running on lovely, lovely Android 2.0, and a Snapdragon QDS 1GHz CPU. has got the exclusive pics-and-info prize, claiming the screen is a 3.7-inch capacitive AMOLED (in contrast to the 3.5-incher previous pics had it at), the camera is a 5.0-megapixel AF job which can handle 720p video recording, and there's a 1400mAh battery—which is the only real downside to this otherwise terrific-sounding Passion/Bravo. Bravssion? Passvo?

Whatever it is, the US launch has been delayed until January, with the European launch slated for April. [Digitimes and]

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