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The Zenview Command Center Elite by digitaltigers straps together six 24-inch 1920x1200 Samsung LCD panels, giving you a gigantic combined display that s 66 inches wide and 29 inches high with a honking 5760x2400 resolution. However, there is a catch to creating such supreme graphiosity. Not only do you need a spare $12,000 lying around just for the displays, but you'll need at least three hot graphics cards and a PC that can accommodate them. That means for the best performance, your motherboard will need three PCI Express slots.


Of course, digitaltigers stand at the ready to sell you a workstation that will handle such things; its Stratosphere Pro has triple-slot PCI Express graphics for $2600. It can support—get this—16 screens. You could fill a room with flat panels! When does this multiple-screen concept morph from the magnificent to the absurd? You be the judge, but when people stop gasping and start laughing, you might have reached that point.

New! Zenview Command Center Elite [Digitaltigers, via DLMag]

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