Huge Wind Turbine Powers 4,000 Homes

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Who says wind power isn't efficient? Enercon, Germany's largest wind turbine manufacturer, has just unveiled the E112, the most powerful turbine in the world. With a span of a whopping 367 feet, this monster can power 4,000 homes at once.

4,000 homes?! That's seriously impressive. I know that people don't want to look out their windows and see a bunch of gigantic windmills, but it seems better than looking out your window and not being able to see very far because of the smog caused by coal-powered plants. Why aren't we seeing more use of wind power here in the States?

Product Page [via Treehugger]

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Fast reactors and solar are the two only REAL viable solutions. I read a stat that said, if we took a ten suqare mile of land in Arizona and converted it into a solar power farm, we could meet ALL of the power requirements of the us (during the day LOL!).

Reactors. Think underground. Only footprint will be the steam vent. Everything elses is built completely underground. Solar takes space, but can reflect sunlight (lowering the earths temperature). Reactors produce heat which is bad in general.

Hard to say which is ideal. But, I'm veering to solar because it means getting rid of ALL nuclear fuel production and removes ANYONES excuse for making bombs.