Humans Enter Fukushima Reactor for First Time Since Quake Disaster

Illustration for article titled Humans Enter Fukushima Reactor for First Time Since Quake Disaster

Not since an enormous quake (and subsequent explosions) crippled the Fukushima plant has anyone stepped foot inside—the radiation has been too thick for humans, leaving robots to do the job. But not today, as workers braved the millisieverts.

After the robot squad reported lowered radiation levels, a team of twelve, working on quick shifts to prevent over-exposure, entered the plant's leaking reactor to repair an urgently-needed ventilation system. Should it prove successful, the functioning ventilator will allow for more manned missions inside the plant, as radiation levels diminish further—an important path towards (safely) shutting the place down for good. [AP and Kyodo News]

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Oh and that is just one of four "reactor buildings". So they have to get it up and working in this building and that leaves 3 more they'll have to do. Like I said a long time ago. A year from now they'll still be working on these reactors. They'll still be spewing radioactivity directly into the atmosphere and ocean. This is what happens when you have no contingency plans for such a disaster. The nuclear industry didn't think we needed one or didn't wish to spend the money to come up with a way to deal with these time bombs waiting to go off - when they do finally go off.