Humans Have One Last Chance for Redemption Against Google's DeepMind

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Google’s DeepMind AI has already played four games of Go against top human Lee Sedol, and the tally is 3-1 for the machines—good for computer scientists, bad for our betting chances against Skynet. Starting at midnight tonight, mankind has one more chance to play.


The four rounds played already don’t leave many questions unanswered: DeepMind’s AlphaGo program already won the 5-game series, Sedol proved he can beat the computer, and South Korea’s Go federation already awarded AlphaGo a 9-dan rating, the same as Sedol.


All that’s really left to play for is a little bit of honor, and the chance to level the score a little. Going into the contest, Google’s Demis Hassabis put the odds at 50-50, so a 3-2 score would make him look extra-clever. In any case, the entire event is being livestreamed from the Four Seasons hotel in Seoul, for anyone with patience and a spare three hours.

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Theodore Bear

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