Hurricane Irene Has an OK Cupid Profile

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And it's very clever. I guess hurricanes need love, just like the rest of us. Check out Irene's OK Cupid page.


She's also on Twitter, and has a multiple personality disorder. See, there's @Irene, who is full of information and "Doesn't want to hurt anyone." And then there's @HurriicaneIrene, whose about section reads, "I'm a mean ghetto bitch bout to tear up the East Coast. JERSEY SHORE HERE I COMEEEE!!!!!!!!! I'm coming for you, @Sn00ki!!!!!" The second Irene talks a lot of shit.

Obviously, we are taking Irene very seriously, and we hope you are, too. At the same time, sometimes a laugh is the best thing to keep the nerves down.

Image credit: AP/NOAA

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@Irene hasn't been taken on Twitter? Wow.