Irene Blows Her Way Through the East Coast (Updating)

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After Hurricane Irene made landfall early this morning, she proceeded to plow her way up north, taking power lines out with her. Check back here for updates and video as the storm continues on its path of destruction.


Currently, there are about 438,000 people 516,000 people without power in North Carolina alone. Two Four Six people have been confirmed as killed in the storm. Meanwhile, the Eastern states are preparing for the worst. New York Mayor Bloomberg continued to urge New Yorkers in low-lying areas to evacuate, as President Obama declared a federal state of emergency for New York and New Jersey.

Mass transit in NYC went down at noon and on schedule, and, although a pre-emptive shutdown of the city's power won't take place, New Yorkers can expect blackouts. Meanwhile, ABC News is reporting that a storm surge is on the way bringing 4 7-15 feet of water with it.

Update: The National Weather Service has put portions of Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, and New Jersey on tornado watch. Batten down the hatches, folks. [Huffington Post]

Update: More than a million people in New Jersey have evacuated their home in the hope of finding higher ground as Irene continues to bluster up north. Six people have now been confirmed killed in the storm, and more than a million others are without electricity in North Carolina and Virginia. [CNN]

Update: Philadelphia has just declared a state of emergency ahead of the hurricane.

Update: Washington DC has been issued flash flood warnings. And the East River is rising in Manhattan. The photos showing the East River were determined to be fake. Moving on.


Update: Manhattan has flooded in areas along the East River. AP footage has been added to this gallery. Look for the image of the bull.

[Huffington Post]

Photo Credit: AP Photo/U.S. Navy

Long Island, New York
Waves wash away a whole freaking lifeguard tower.

Cape Hatteras, North Carolina

Virginia Beach

New York City

Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina

North Babylon, New York

Raw Footage: Manhattan




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