Hurt Locker Lawsuit IP Addresses Revealed

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The first 5,000 Hurt Locker lawsuits were filed two weeks ago, and now the IP addresses of those charged with illegally downloading the film have started trickling out. The first batch—about 700 IPs—are listed here:

Volt-Pict-2573095-3—3943 Click to viewAs TorrentFreak points out, TimeWarner is conspicuously absent, having declined to cooperate with the time-consuming process of digging up the addresses. Also of note is that the majority of IPs were tracked over a two week period spanning the end of April and the beginning of May.

The next step depends on the DC District Court, which will decide whether ISPs will have to turn over the personal information of the alleged downloaders. If so, the accused will likely be offered a $2500 settlement. [TorrentFreak]


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Serious question that I've never understood about these lawsuits..

Ok, $2,500 for a settlement..

For stealing a 20 dollar film.

Their argument is 'once you download it, you seed it and help others steal too'. But in my personal experiance, once I finish downloading, I stop seeding. I seed slowly during the download too. By the end, the upload ratio is maybe 10%.

So say I stole a 20 dollar movie, I uploaded 3 bucks worth of it... How do they justify a 2,500$ fine? I could understand huge fines for the original person who hosted the file, or people who seed all the time, but if you download it and stop seeding, you are hardly contribution to the mass distribution of it all.

It just seems to me such an important question to bring up in court - one that they would have no real answer for. Without their proof of how much you seeded to anyone else, their justification for obscene fines hold very little ground.