Hurt Locker Producers File 5,000 Lawsuits Against File Sharers

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This has been some time coming, but today it's official: the producers of The Hurt Locker have filed suit against 5,000 people for illegally downloading their movie. Read the full complaint after the jump:


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dcd-04502992578 - The suit from Voltage Pictures asks that defendants destroy all P2P copies of The Hurt Locker and to pay unspecified damages as well as Voltage's legal fees.

The number of suits is far fewer than the tens—or even hundreds—of thousands that were expected, although there could always be more to follow. The number expected to go to court, of course, is far fewer: Voltage will likely offer all of these people exorbitant settlement offers, and they'll very likely take them. [TechDirt]


Andrew Ball

everyone sits here and says the movie sucked, and that they didnt upload it they just downloaded it and watched. Either way we ALL know downloading movies for free is illegal.

So what is the problem here. you knew it was illegal, and if you got caught then shame on you. You may think that red light at 1am is stupid but if you run it and get pulled over do you cry about it saying that it was stupid no one was coming? No you dont, you STFU and pay the ticket.

So why is this any different? anyone who downloaded it, knew it was illegal and they broke piracy laws. So stop trying to justify your actions because the movie in your opinion sucked or because you for some reason think you are above the laws we are all held to and can do what ever you want.

Dont do something illegal if you dont want to pay for it if you get caught. End of story.

I for one am glad they are going after people. I am a Photographer and a Director of Photography for cinematic productions. I know how this hurts the industry. You guys sit here and say they make enough money off movies. How wrong you are. Piracy affects my job. Because its harder for people to get into the industry because fewer and fewer people pay for movies and these companies take a hit in revenue, which means less productions and less jobs.

No longer are movies a bidding option for me,I have to be signed on by a director or producer.

I do agree that they should be attempting to punish the people who uploaded these videos to be downloaded. but at the end of the day you knew it was illegal when you clicked download. So if you got a letter from Voltage, shame on you.