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Hyperloop's Unlikely Next Destination Might Be Slovakia

Hyperloop technology is still unproven, and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies doesn’t even have a working prototype yet. But that hasn’t stopped the company signing a deal to explore Hyperloop options in Europe.


HTT has reached an unspecified deal with Slovakia to build a route through the country, which is meant to later connect into Austria and Hungary. Most previous proposals have been for connecting big cities on the West Coast, so this would be the first international Hyperloop.

In case you’ve forgotten, Hyperloop is Elon Musk’s vision of how high-speed transport should look in the future—small pods travelling through a semi-vacuum tube at 700mph. Musk isn’t taking up the project himself, but he released the plans for free. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies is one of a number of competitors trying to make the first working prototype.


[Hyperloop Transportation Technologies via Mashable]

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