I can't believe these creatures actually exist on our planet

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Man, humans are boring. House pets aren't much more interesting. Bugs can get kind of cool but they're disgusting. Disagree with any of that? Well, check out these fantastic animals. They're absolutely incredible. Translucent, colorful, oddly shaped, spiky, wiry, egg-like and completely out of this world even though they're from our world.

These animal photographs were collected in Ross Piper's new book Animal Earth: The Amazing Diversity of Living Forms, which showcases hundreds of bizarre looking creatures that you probably didn't know even existed. Piper told Slate:

Most of the time, if you're watching things on television, it's just about mammals or other vertebrates. But that's only a tiny fraction of animal diversity. I want to show people that animals are enormously diverse, not just in how they look but how they live


You can buy Piper's book here and see some more photos here.

Here's the sea slug Chromodoris annulata:


And a brush-head:


A segmented worm: