‘Tis the season for rendering architectural icons out of cookies and plotting to murder your family in a remote mountain resort. Now the two best things about Christmastime are together at last.

Over at r/movies, eudicotyledon says his family made this incredibly disturbing yet very wonderful gingerbread version of the Overlook Hotel from the film The Shining (which Stephen King actually based on the real-life Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, although the film’s exteriors were filmed here). Some of the details, as well as the edible materials they used, are just stunning!

The house is about four feet long, according to eudicotyledon.


Twin gingerbread girls in the spooky hallway. The wallpaper is made from edible paper!

Room 237, more edible paper details.


Elevator spewing blood, or melted red Jolly Ranchers.

The three-story ballroom (that’s quinoa on the roof).


Scary ballroom scene with blacklight!

The labyrinth is probably my favorite part. Those are green Rice Krispie treats.

Check out all the rest of the images here, it’s truly amazing.

[Reddit via AdamSavage]