I, Too, Keep My Expensive TV in the Hallway of My Home

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Image: Samsung

Reader, how do you flaunt your opulent wealth within the four walls of your own home?


If you are the owner of one of Samsung’s popular the Frame televisions—which display art when the TV is not in use—perhaps you do this by keeping your television not in a place one would normally watch TV, like the living room or even a bedroom, but in the hallway of your immense and lavish mansion. Presumably, the Frame will remain non-functional here, merely taking up space on your wall or perhaps displaying art from Etsy, with which Samsung recently partnered for new art-mode TV displays. Why invest in physical artwork with a return on investment when you can simply dump thousands of dollars on a Tizen-powered digital render instead?

Etsy’s featured artists for this collaboration are all great, of course. But if I were to use my TV merely as a display panel for Etsy art, I’d opt not for the vibrant mixed media works of the four artists featured as part of the new collaboration. Instead, given that I am so substantially rich that I can hang televisions in random walkways in my home, I would commission a series of originals from visionary Etsy sculptor Laira Maganuco aka babycreatures.

Imagine, if you will, a Frame television prominently displaying Macellarius on an at least 65-inch screen:

Or a lovely chameleon hybrid, perhaps staged in its natural habitat:


Or, dare I say, even a bloated silicone tick baby:


All I’m saying is at least make the art in your home an expression of your refined taste, you know?



The cost of this TV is nothing compared to any decent art piece.

So what exactly is a problem?