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Illustration for article titled i.TV

Once you've used a wonderful, full-featured TV guide app on your iPhone, reading one on paper—or even on your laptop—will feel stupid. iTV is that app. It also works as a remote for some TiVo boxes, with more DVRs to come.

This app's grown all kinds of wonderfully useful appendages since its early days. On top of TV listing for every major cable and satellite company, it's got an expansive database of movie information, video clips from TV shows, and trailers. It can also manage Netflix queues and search local movie theater listings. Once DVR remote support gets bulked up, it'll be unstoppable.


Category: Entertainment
Released Nov 10, 2008


From The App Developers: i.TV is the ultimate movie, DVD and TV guide for the iPhone and iPod touch—and it's FREE. Quickly and easily find out when and where your favorite movies and TV shows are playing anywhere in the US or Canada and find related DVD titles.

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This just got updated to 2.0 with a refreshed UI and added features.