Meet Galanter & Jones' Evia: It's a heated outdoor lounger made from a single piece of reinforced concrete. It's beautiful, it's awesome, and it was just hand-delivered to the Home of the Future by the brother/sister team behind it.

Evia is a perfect combination of tech and design—the very embodiment of the Home of the Future. The slick outdoor sofa is made from a single ergonomic mold of reinforced concrete (which Galanter & Jones actually calls "Cast Stone" to differentiate from say, concrete used to fill out a sidewalk). The chair is outfitted with a heating element on the bottom, but you don't have to worry about that part because you just plug the thing in and it heats right up.


One of the cool parts of Home of the Future is it isn't just about furniture or design or tech or the latest and greatest gadget. It's also brought us in contact with the interesting people and interesting stories behind the products that fill our house. Founded by siblings Aaron and Miranda Jones, Galanter & Jones is among them. We got a chance to meet the Montana-bred pair when they came by with Evia earlier today.

Their operation is located in the San Francisco neighborhood of SoMa and all their materials are sourced from the Bay Area. Each chair is marked with the day it was created, and they just seem to be made by people who really care. By the way, not only do the Jones sibs work together, they live together. That is impressive; I imagine many brother-sister duos wouldn't be able to do that without killing each other.

And story behind it aside, the Evia is just plain comfortable! I've been camped out on it the past two hours since it arrived and escaped from its crate. You can give it a sit too—just stop by Home of the Future.


The Basics

Dates: 05/17/2014–05/21/2014

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Hours: 11:00 am to late. The Gizmodo gang will be working on-site all week—with super-fast wifi, on snazzy furniture—and we'll be hosting events every night. Check back for more information on how to RSVP.

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