iAlertU Protects Your MacBook and Uploads Thieves in the Act

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Using only the iAlertU anti-theft App, the Transmit FTP app, some Applescripting, and a little ingenuity, Adam from Lifehacker devised a way to protect your MacBook from thievery—or at the very least, help get it back into your hands.

How it works: iAlertU will detect when the Mac is stolen, which then activates the iSight on your Mac to take a shot of the thief, then triggers Applescript and Transmit to upload the picture to your website. After grabbing the shot off your website, you can send it to sites like Gizmodo or Lifehacker to ask the internet community to identify the guy and get your laptop back. Not a bad idea to make sure your $1500 doesn't turn into $0.


Click through to see iAlertU give a Macbook car alarm chirps by remote. Boop, boop!

Hack Attack: Turn your MacBook's iSight into a FTP backed up security camera [LifeHacker]


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