iBooks 2's Instant Flash Cards Are Pure Apple Magic

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It's hard to get excited about textbooks, until you see something like this: Apple just made the notecard obsolete. No more index cards, no more boxes—no paper. iBooks 2 turns your reading habits into instant study help.


With the new iBooks 2 textbooks, anything you search or highlight will automatically generate a study card to be used later. Reading about the Franco-Prussian War, or genetics? Anything you highlight, look up, or take a note on becomes a card for reference and self-quizzing. No more keeping track of cards—organization will be easy, simple, and invaluable when exam time hits. This is a beautiful example of a device gracefully eliminating something mundane—who has time for rubberbands and those dumb index card containers? We need to study and learn things. Your iPad just became a very fine tutor.


Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

Will the iPad 3 have a stylus so you can effectively and quickly take notes anywhere on the book/notecard?