Ice Cream Sandwich Coming To More Galaxy Devices Early 2012

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Samsung has finally confirmed the release schedule for Ice Cream Sandwich on its Galaxy devices — and it should be landing on some phones in the first quarter of 2012.

With the Nexus already packing Ice Cream Sandwich, it was always going to be a short wait. The Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note will be the first recipients to get the Android 4.0 update, which will be available sometime in Q1 2012.


Other Galaxy devices will also receive the update, including Galaxy S II LTE, Galaxy R, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Tab 8.9, Galaxy Tab 7.7 and Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus. However, there's no firm schedule for when it will arrive on these models. Firm dates for the roll-out will, of course, be dictated by carriers. [Samsung]