Iconic DC Moments, Improved With... Springs?

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When you've been around as long as DC Comics, there's plenty of iconic moments in comic book history to choose from for a series of cool looking statues. But that said, I'm not entirely sure how the addition of wobbly spring-loaded bits makes them look any better.

This new line of 'Motion Statues' — which I'm pretty sure totally misses the point of a statue — from Factory Entertainment takes three pivotal moments from DC Comics history and reimagines them from 2D comic art into 3D polystone display: The iconic cover of Action Comics #1, the début of Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern in Showcase #22, and a panel from the seminal graphic novel The Killing Joke, showing the unnamned engineer from the story as he is transformed into The Joker.

They're all pretty cool displays — I particularly love the way the Killing Joke and Green Lantern statues use the actual comic art itself to act as a framing background for the figure — but I'm slightly baffled by the need for them to be 'in motion'. Springs holding up the Joker, Hal and the car Superman is lifting let you 'wiggle' each statue, turning them into very elaborate versions of the Weebles. I'd be much more petrified of one of these falling down compared to the actual Weebles though, especially as you're spending $80 a pop on one of these. It just seems like a completely unnecessary addition to what's an other wise neat looking line of collectibles.


That said, being able to literally make the Joker quiver with madness is the exception. That's pretty clever.

Factory's first series of Motion statues is out later this year — check out the link below to preorder them.

[Factory Entertainment]

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Everything's better with springs!

(Seriously, do you have any idea how few images of this guy are online? Like three and one is just such awful quality I can't use it even though it's the exact image I want)