Idiot Steals Cop Car, Streams Chase on Facebook Live

The Tulsa Police Department says local idiot John Pinney stole a police car Monday night then streamed the case on Facebook Live using the officer’s iPad.

According to CBS News, a woman called the police after Pinney, 25, rolled up in his recently acquired patrol car to offer her a ride. Police say the chase lasted somewhere between 30 and 40 minutes and that Pinney reached speeds of 120 miles per hour.

“Alright so I got cops behind me n shit,” Pinney said on the video posted to his Facebook page. “This is the shit I wanna go out to!” Pinney listened to some jams while running from police, including the 2009 hit “Fireflies” by Owl City.

“I would encourage every criminal out there to Facebook Live their crimes so that we can catch you a lot easier and use that Facebook Live at your trial to get a better conviction,” Tulsa police sergeant Steve Stoltz told CBS News. Stolz also said that the video will probably be used against Pinney in court.


That’s a good reminder for all of us. If you’re going to use Facebook Live, maybe don’t use it while you’re committing a crime.

[CBS News]

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